Косметология и преманентный макияж

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Today, the most effective and accepted way to get rid of unwanted hair is a Photo Epilation.

The principle of Photo Epilation is based on the light absorption by the hair pigment - melanin. When the light is absorbed, a thermal energy is released, destroying the hair follicle (hair bulb) without violating the integrity of the skin. In the scientific language, the phenomenon of selective photothermolysis takes place – the follicles die and the surrounding tissue remains untouched.

Photo Epilation used for hair removal anywhere on the body - face, bikini area, underarms, back, abdomen, arms and legs.

Before the procedure of Photo Epilation, the cosmetician gathers all relevant information regarding the health status, hair color and skin type. Modern Photo Epilation Equipment can choose an optimal treatment for each client depending on the specifics of his body, skin color and hair color.

Further the direct Photo Epilation is carried out: skin smeared with a special antiseptic cooling gel that is required in order to protect the skin from the harmful effects of light flashes. Gel assumes the thermal energy released during a flash.

Flashes of light coming from the manipulator provoke a release of thermal energy, which reaches the hair bulbs and destroys them. After the procedure, a sun-protective cream with SPF 20 must be applied to the skin.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to remove all the hairs at one time. Photo Epilation is effective only for hair removal in active growth stage. Hair can be at one of three growth stages: an active growth phase, a regressive phase or a resting phase. Hairs in active growth phase have the biggest concentration of pigment melanin which is just a subject of a photo flash impact. Practically, it is impossible to remove all hair in one procedure of Photo Epilation. Most often, from four to seven procedures in 5 weeks are required. By and by, the hairs will change the growth stage, and will be removed in several procedures.

Photo Epilation is safe and causes no injuries.

Photo Epilation may be ineffective for people with very dark and tanned skin, because the more of pigment melanin is in the skin, the more it takes the heat and the less energy reaches a follicle itself.

Within a few days after the procedure, it is desirable to exclude the presence in the sunshine and tanning. Before going out in the sun, a sun-protective cream with a high guard factor (SPF 20-30) should be applied onto the treated area. Visiting spas, saunas and swimming pools during the first days after the procedure is also highly undesirable.

Several procedures - and the skin is smooth like a silk! Adios, tweezers and a razor! Welcome, Photo Epilation!