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Each woman at any age would always like to be attractive, beautiful and to look young. But, the older we become, the more difficult to achieve it. It is natural that our skin gets old under the influence of many factors. And here, there is a question before us: how restore the lost, how return the youth to our skin and make it became elastic and healthy?

In the present-day world, all the spectrum of rejuvenating methods is open to a woman, from usual cosmetic care and cosmetic preparations to modern and complex plastic operations. But some of them give a small and short-term effect, and others are unpredictable and dangerous. And how nice that would be to find the golden mean – painless, safe and effective. Fortunately, there is such a procedure, and it is called "Photo Rejuvenation".

Photo Rejuvenation is a method of skin anti-aging medicine by its exposure to the impulses of a high-intensity light. By means of the high-intensity light with certain length of waves it is possible to involve and make active simultaneously both superficial, and deep layers of dermis, without breaking thus integrity of an integument, and to achieve well-defined persistent results – that is the uniqueness of that procedure.

It is a medical procedure for elimination of already available signs of skin ageing. Photo Rejuvenation method, having an absolute reliability, gives splendid results: the skin gets healthy-looking, wrinkles get smoothed, and pores - narrowed. Not be chance, this technology has obtained a wide popularity in so short terms.

Skin of the face, neck, chest, arms, hands, after several sessions looks excellently - it is just shining with health and beauty.

Photo Rejuvenation effective for application in decision of the following problems:

Photo Rejuvenation session lasts from 15 minutes till 1 hour, depending on that what zone will be processed. After the procedure, there is a small reddening of the skin which disappears in 30-50 minutes, so, that allows you to return at once to the habitual way of life.


Full course is targeted at 4-7 Photo Rejuvenation procedures which should be carried out with a periodicity of 10-14 days. Subsequently, the procedure is desirable to carry out once a year to maintain results.

Technique can be applied on any part of skin: on the face, neck, chest, arms and hands, on my feet. Effect is noticeable after the first procedure.

All modern doctors have recognized that this technology is a sensational breakthrough in machine cosmetology and no method of anti-age can be compared with Photo Rejuvenation.

During a Photo Rejuvenation session bright flashes of light similar to flash of a camera are made. Light gets through a skin blanket (epidermis) and reaches deeper layer (dermis) where there are blood vessels, pigmentary cages and collagen fibres.

The only unpleasant sensations during this procedure are a slight burning and a heat. After the procedure, there is no apparent redness or peeling, as happens after conventional laser skin treatment, since the penetration of light does not damage the skin. On the contrary, it activates the normal physiological activity of all components of the cells (metabolism, division), strengthens the antioxidant biochemical reactions, destroying unwanted accumulation of pigment, gradually narrows pathologically advanced vessels, and stimulates collagen and elastin. The skin's resistance to various infections increases by improvement of the microcirculation and drainage function of the dermis.

After the procedure is carried out, it is very important to protect the skin from sun rays to avoid a secondary pigmentation.

Advantages of Photo Rejuvenation: