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Mesotherapy - a unique non-surgical technique of face and body rejuvenation, cellulitis treatment

МезотерапияFace without wrinkles and body without cellulitis – that is a dream of each woman.

What is the mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy is an effective non-surgical technique based on an injection of a cocktail from vitamins, amino acids, minerals, homoeopathic remedies (depending on the problem) into the skin to the depth of 4 mm. Injection is carried out in form of microinjection (invasive mesotherapy) or by the method of electroporation (noninvasive or mechanical mesotherapy).

Mesotherapy is not an invention of our days. Yet 3 thousand years Before Christ, Hippocrates practiced a local intraskin injection of cactus needles in order to remove the pain in joints. And also in scientific works of later time, it is possible to find numerous mentions of different techniques which are a prototype of a modern mesotherapy.

Todaym mesotherapy is widely applied in many areas of medicine as an independent method of treatment. And some years ago mesotherapy has found its place in the aesthetic medicine. In comparison with other methods, it has a number of clear advantages.

Mesotherapy in cosmetology

Number of indications for application of mesotherapy in the aesthetic medicine is wide enough:

Preventive maintenance and treatment of a photo- and age ageing of the skin

The most often reasons the patients come to a cosmetologist are an elimination of the first signs of withering of the skin and a delay of processes of ageing.

Year by year, the skin is exposed to many destroying factors which accelerate natural process of ageing. It is the solar light, changes of the hormonal background, harmful influence of the environment, consequence of the wrong way of life, etc.

Degenerate and dystrophic changes, which occur at ageing, touch all layers of the skin. Protective horn layer of the epidermis goes thin, structure and activity of the cells change, hydrolipidic mantle becomes emaciated. In derma, quantity fibroblasts decreases, their structure and activity change, synthesis of basic fibres of the skin and glycosaminoglycan decreases, numbers of defective collagenic fibres increases, cellular metabolism slows down, pigmentary exchange changes. Structure changes of the derma lead to occurrence of wrinkles, decrease of hydration, turgor, tone and elasticity. The fatty tissue migrates under the gravity and atony of the skin integument. As a result, face form changes, folds are formed. Face muscles mummify.

Mesotherapy is one of the most effective techniques of prevention of ageing and correction of age changes. After all, mesotherapy is a technique which allows a targeted administration of the active substances, choosing an exact destination: deep layers of the epidermis, derma, and hypoderm. Thus favorable conditions for stimulation of the cellular metabolism and regeneration of tissues are created in the deep layers of the skin.

For resolution of such a problem, the mesotherapist can use both separate preparations and specially developed “cocktails” which are intended specially for intraskin administration.

Preparations used the most often:

Treatment of a cellulitis and mesotherapy

Cellulitis is one of the most widespread cosmetic defects the clients address the beauty salons about. Cellulitis gives in to treatment now; there is a set of methods among which the mesotherapy is the most effective one.

Advantages of the mesotherapy at correction of cellulitis:

  1. Physiological approach.
  2. “Address administration” of the active substances directly to the targeted cells (fibroblasts, adipocytes, etc.) is provided.
  3. Temporary (up to 5-7 days) deposition of preparations in the hypodermic fatty tissue and in the skin, as a result, a prolonged therapeutic effect is provided.
  4. Possibility of exact dispensing and increase of bioavailability of preparations.
  5. High efficiency.
  6. Absence of contra-indications.
  7. Ideal compatibility with other methods of treatment of cellulitis.
  8. This technique causes no injuries and little of pain.
  9. Minimum risk of epiphenomenon and by-effects.
  10. Treatment sessions are carried out once a week (on the average).

Choice of preparations, frequency of the treatment sessions and duration of the course are defined individually for each client, taking into account the cause and the stage of cellulitis; accompanying abnormalities (for example, varicose veins, adiposis, etc.); age of the client; presence of diseases and contra-indications to use of some preparations.

The following substances are used for treatment of cellulitis:

For a long-term result it is necessary to steer an intensive course – the treatments sessions should be carried out once a week, quantity of the treatments sessions is usually from 8 to12, and then a supporting course is needed - 1 procedure with an interval of 2-3 weeks, with the subsequent reduction to1 procedure per month.

At a correct drawing up of the individual anti-cellulite programme and a competent selection of the preparations, the mesotherapy favors the effective prevention of the further progressing of cellulitis, considerably improves the state of the hypodermic fatty tissue, minimises the external (aesthetic) signs of cellulitis, removes the hypostases, makes the microcirculation active and prevents from varicose veins and eliminates a pain and a heaviness in feet.