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Pandhy’s natural sugar depilation

Recently, use of natural materials is a fashionable trend.

Hungarian experts have managed to develop and patent a natural product which won the award PIERANTONI in Paris in 2006. And till now, sugar dough and gel of the Hungarian company Pandhy'sremain a hit of the whole continent.

Special technique of depilation of Pandhy‘s

Sugar dough of Pandhy’s is a 100% natural material: glucose and water does not break integrity of the skin and does not invoke an allergy.

Unlike sugar dough and wax compounds of other manufacturers, the sugar dough of Pandhy‘s does not contain vitamin C which is a strong allergen and raises the skin photosensitivity. It does not contain oil. Therefore it does not hinder the infiltration of glucose into the skin, so that facilitates liberation of hairs from the follicles and makes the depilation maximally painless.

For today, depilation with the sugar dough of Pandhy‘s is the only cosmetic procedure at which the hairs are pulled out according to the direction of their growth, and that makes it a less painful depilation which does not injure a hair bulbus and does not lead to an inflammation after the depilation. At the depilation according to the direction of their growth of the hair, the hairs are not broken off; they are removed from the skin in full, as if they have been plucked away by a forceps. In comparison with standard wax depilation, it provides a longer effect. As glucose softens the epidermis, it is possible to eliminate and the ingrown hairs, and, at regular depilation, to get rid of this problem at all. Sugar dough of Pandhy‘s is warmed up to body temperature, it does not dilate the capillary, and does not enhance angiostaxis while depilating, as it happens sometimes at wax depilation. Therefore, varicose veins are not a contra-indication.

Sugar dough of Pandhy‘s removes the hairs which are only 1-3 mm long yet, what allows to keep the skin smooth almost all the time.

In case it is difficult to remove the hairs from some parts of the body, it is possible to apply the sugar dough to one place so many times as it is needed. Applying the wax depilation, that will invoke a strong irritation and an inflammation of the skin.

Undisputable advantage of the sugar dough of Pandy‘s before any other sugar or wax preparations is its big efficiency as the hairs are removed at the anagenesis stage and the hair follicles remains empty longer.

Sugar dough of Pandhy‘s is easily removed with water or a wet napkin, leaving no sticky spots.

So, the sugar dough of Pandhy‘s: