Косметология и преманентный макияж

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The secret of truth is based….

in the knowledge and use of all possibilities

Waking up in the morning with ideal make-up, ideally adjusted eyes, ideal lip contours, eyebrows…
Does that seem too unrealistic? 
Nothing is as it seems anymore …

What is permanent make up?

Permanent make-up consists of the insertion of high quality, hypoallergenic pigments into the top layers of your skin by high quality acupuncture micro-needles. Through our developed methodology it is possible to underline and adjust the eyebrows, eyes and even lip contours. A wide range of shades will allow you to select a tone, which will suit you and which will emphasize your individuality. It all looks natural, without drawing effect.

How long does the permanent make-up last?

Depending on the skin type and colour, the permanent make-up lasts between 2 to 5 years. If the permanent make-up starts to fade, it is possible to renew it and replenish the pigment at any time. Fading (lightening) of the colour allows to try something new (shade, shape), to try a new style.

Are there any risks involved?

Our equipment, colours and needles comply with the basic laws, hygienic regulations and demanding standards. Our products have been tested over the years in use.

Permanent make-up is a solution

- for all who do not like to put on a make-up (sportsmen, sauna goers), but still like to look fresh and distinct
- for women, who have little time for make-up
- for those who use glasses or contact lenses and thus have problems with make-up application
- for men and women with vague or thin eyebrows, small eyes, irregular lip contours, thin and short eyelashes
- for all who need to adjust and emphasize the outward appearance for a longer period of time
- for you

Is it painful?

As much as anything that is done to your skin. The same applies here. We treat your skin by special anesthetic preparations, so you will not feel more than a slight unpleasant sensation (burning). Many feel nothing at all, some feel very little. In any case, it is a procedure that can be easily endured. 

Doings we this correct?

Our professional underwent a full, universal training in the sphere of permanent make-up and visage and has long-term professional experience. This is our main request in this type of activities, for the correct and professional selection of form, colour and combination with the outward appearance. You will notice this already during the personal consultation, when we will gladly help you to select a proper shape and colour in order for you to imagine your future look.

How is it done?

After a preliminary consultation we think through and sketch the optimal form. Permanent make-up must always look natural and should merely underline your natural beauty.

Prior to the procedure we apply the anaesthetic, which makes the skin insensitive to pain within 5-10 minutes. We then redraw the shape by a special antiseptic pencil; we prepare a sterile, single-use pigmenting needle. Pigment is inserted into the depth of 0.02 mm. After the insertion of the first layer, an additional anaesthetization is performed, which may be repeated if necessary, and pigmenting then continues until the line or needed contours do not gain more distinct outlines and until the colour becomes more clear and richer.

Owing to technical possibilities of our equipment it is possible to have the eyebrows with naturally drawn hairs, the eyelashes look thicker and longer, lip contours look lighter and richer. Eyes gain a distinctly younger look, lips seem fuller, but more natural, and eyebrows through our hair methodology gain natural shape and thickness./strong>

Permanent make-up is ideal. You will always be perfectly made up and you'll not waste your time. You appearance leaves a lasting impression on your surroundings and positively influences your self-consciousness and prestige.