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LUXURY Class Treatment

Meder Beauty Science (Switzerland)

Finally! Botox effect without any injections!

We present you a program of therapeutic non-invasive correction of facial wrinkles Meder Visage Anti Rides FX. This is an alternative to injection techniques for those who for whatever reason does not want to make injections, or has a contraindication to them. In addition, if this procedure is carried out in the end of the actual period of the botulinum toxin, it gives one an opportunity to prolong the effect of injection correction

Meder Visage Anti-Rides FX is:

The course includes 5 procedures, which are held once a week. Lifting effect after the procedure can remain for 10 - 12 hours; it makes possible to carry out this treatment on the eve of important events. With each new procedure, the effect is enhanced. To maintain the achieved effect, it is recommended to repeat the course 1 - 2 times a year. The procedure is designed for women and men who have facial wrinkles and other signs of age-related changes and is suitable for sensitive skin.